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Research shows that guidet meditations can help with sleep problems, stress-symptoms, concentration difficulties, anxiety and depression, low self-esteem and lack of energy. Studies have found, that people who practice meditation and mindfulness regularly, feel more happy with an inner peace and more mental strength to tackle the big and small challenges of everyday life.

Physically, you can actually see the brain structure changing, in people who meditate regularly. The brain is in fact a muscle that you can train, strengthen and even change. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose a specific focus for your meditation.

You can do that, with the OliOli Meditation app. In the meditation app, all the guided meditations are sorted in themes, making it easy for you to find a meditation that suits your needs.

In the OliOli Meditation app, you’ll find meditations for beginners and advanced, and in OliOli Junior, there’s a lot of fantastic children’s meditations to choose from.

With the OliOli Meditation app, you’ll be sure to find a suiting meditation. Right here, right now. Time and time again.

It is actually not really a matter of how to meditate, or even how long to meditate. What really matters, is that you do meditate regularly.

OliOli Meditation appis like a gym for your mind. With competent teachers and a lot of variations in meditations and meditation themes. Oh, and we’re always close and always open.


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Meditation is good. We know that.

It is scientifically proven that meditation helps with insomnia, stress symptoms, difficulty concentrating, anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, inner calm and mental balance and more energy for everyday small and big challenges.
With the OliOli meditation app there is enough to choose from.
The meditations are for everyone. From beginners to advanced, children and adults.

OliOli’s hundreds of guided meditations are sorted in themes
making it really simple for you, finding the meditaiton you want to listen to.

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We won’t waste your time with nonsense. We give you the best meditation teachers, all with experience and certification. There are many, and they are amazing.
OliOli’s meditation teachers record meditations for beginners and advanced,
og some even do meditaitons for kids.
They each have their own tone of voice and approach, so you’re sure to find your favorite meditation teacher in the app.

We will continuously present new teachers in OliOli, so follow us here, on facebook and insta. And of course in the OliOli app.

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