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OliOli Meditation for everyone


Welcome to OliOli Meditation, a truly unique universe in a simple app. With beautiful visions and great ambitions, to do everything better. One meditation at a time. Whether you are beginner or advanced, young or old, you can use meditation to lower – and prevent stress, to get a good night’s sleep, to be more calm and have more energy and mental clarity.
OliOli makes it easy to find the meditation that suits you. Right now. Time and time again.
Enjoy the mental break while you’re meditating. And notice the subtle effects, in you and your surroundings, after just a few days of meditation. It’s addictive, and it’s awesome.

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Meditation is good for us. We know that.

It is scientifically proven that meditation helps with insomnia, stress symptoms, difficulty concentrating, anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, inner calm and mental balance and more energy for everyday small and big challenges.
With the OliOli meditation app there’s plenty to choose from. The meditations are for everyone. From beginners to advanced, children and adults.

OliOli’s hundreds of meditations are divided into themes, so it’s easy for you to find the meditation you want to hear.
See our themes below.


We won’t waste your time with nonsense. We give you the best meditation teachers, all with experience and certification. There are many, and they are amazing.
OliOli’s meditation teachers guide meditations for everyone. Some of them even do meditations for children.
They each have their own approach to meditation, just like you. So you’ll definitely find your favorite meditation teacher here.

We will continuously present new teachers in OliOli, so follow us here, on facebook and insta. And of course in the OliOli app.
Are you our next meditation teacher? Please contact us.

Meditation for businesses


Invest in your employees and their well-being. Prevent stress and decrease sick leave.

Subscribing to OliOli is a great help to not only focus the energy on the job, but also to be able to release the mental workload and recharge when the day is over. Studies have shown that meditation and mindfulness have a positive effect on sick leave.

If you want to hear more about our B2B offers, please contact us, and we will find the right solution for you.

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Wow, it’s for kids! In OliOli Junior, all content and design are made for children.

The length of the meditations is shorter, to keep the children’s focus. The themes are specified children’s needs, and the meditations are guided with children in mind. It’s easy to use and listen to, it’s playful and the effects are fantastic.

Children benefit just as much as adults from meditation – if not more. Use the guided meditations to help calm down at bedtime, and also as a much needed break during the day. It helps the children themselves, and it helps their outside world. With OliOli Junior we wish to help you create a solid foundation for the good habits. A head start is a good start…

OliOli Junior . Meditation for children

Invest in yourself, take care of your mental health.

OliOli is like a fitness membership for your mind. It’s a good idea, it’s economically sensible, but it’s crazy if you don’t use it.
Not sure if you’ll be using it? Don’t worry. You can try OliOli for free for a month.

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A gift card on a meditation app is a different gift, and a loving gift.
With a gift certificate for OliOli Meditation, you help the recipient to give themselves the greatest gift, that comes with meditation
– Better sleep, less stress, mental clarity and increased presence, more joy and energy.

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